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Tina-Nomad, an amplifier and actualizer of human potential, and the most successful Subconscious Biohacker and Reprogrammer in the world, has established herself at the forefront of the field of human potential through the upgrading of the subconscious mind.

Tina-Nomad has a degree in psychology, worked as a counselor, was an educator for many years, then moved onto multiple certifications in clinical hypnotherapy & NLP, and now mainly uses the exceptional Inner Mind-SourcingTM (IMS) techniques. She has been reshaping the field since 2010 when her business quickly became #1 in San Diego soon after that. She now sees clients, teaches classes, and does seminars worldwide. Her exceptional results and the innovative techniques of Inner Mind Sourcing©, where she treats the mind like a computer, have propelled her to the forefront of the field, attracting a diverse global clientele. From professional athletes, NFL Hall of Famers, to multimillionaires and billionaires, Tina-Nomad’s expertise in reprogramming the subconscious mind has garnered acclaim for its ability to foster lasting change and empowerment quickly and easily.

With an unwavering commitment to unlocking human potential, Tina-Nomad continues to pioneer new frontiers in personal transformation, human potential, and the evolution of the human species. Her dedication to results, excellence and her unmatched success stories position her as a beacon of inspiration and empowerment, guiding individuals worldwide towards a journey of self-discovery and fulfillment.


Global Wisdom

Tina-Nomad epitomizes global exploration, having visited 60+ countries, resided in 9, and studied numerous languages. Her diverse experiences shape her unique methodologies, enriching her approach with a tapestry of cultures and perspectives.

Subconscious Mastery

Tina-Nomad is a leading expert in unleashing the power of the subconscious mind. With expertise in Inner Mind Sourcing©, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Psychology, and Advanced NLP techniques, she offers transformative experiences that uncover your true potential and facilitate lasting change.

Creativity Unleashed

Tina-Nomad draws from her global experiences to craft effective techniques that unlock creativity and potential. Through her methods, you can sharpen problem-solving abilities and nurture artistic expression, empowering you to shape the fulfilling life you envision.

Tailored Subconscious Upgrade Packages

Tina-Nomad recognizes the individuality of each journey. Her specialized expertise is tailored to support individuals across all phases of personal and professional growth. With Tina-Nomad by your side, you're assured not only guidance but also the certainty of reaching your next level of success.


Experience the astonishing outcomes of Tina-Nomad’s Optimal Subconscious Mind Biohack Formula


Optimized Performance

Achieve peak performance in both your personal & professional life.

Personal Growth

Transform into the best version of yourself, unlocking untapped potentials.

Enhanced Confidence

Radiate confidence in every aspect of your life, from work to relationships.

Unleashed Creativity

Tap into a wellspring of creativity, solving problems with innovative solutions.

Global Perspective

Develop a broader worldview, enriched by Tina-Nomad’s multicultural insights.

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Personalized Techniques

Witness the power of personalized techniques!:

Randina's journey led to financial success and a newfound relationship with money after only a few sessions. Remarkably, her achievements extended beyond mere monetary gains; her success in both business and life skyrocketed, aligning perfectly with the intentions and dreams she had long envisioned. This profound transformation highlights the profound impact of upgrading one's mindset and relationship with money.

Tailored for You:

Robin's issues saw a remarkable 75% resolution within just two sessions. What's more, as an unexpected bonus, her self-esteem, confidence, happiness, self-forgiveness, and self-criticalness all took a massive turn for the better following those initial four hours. This transformation underscores the power of upgrading the subconscious mind. It's time to explore the possibilities it holds.

Breakthroughs in Remote Sessions:

Explore Tamsin journey to healing through Tina's remote sessions, proving that powerful transformations can happen from the comfort of your own space.A skeptical doctor, was able to end her abusive relationship, stop destructive behavioral patterns in herself & her children, transform her people pleasing & self-esteem, and corrected issues in all areas of her life within 6 sessions!! Turning over a new leaf in her life, all by the upgrading of her subconscious!

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What Our Community Says?

Patner in Biohack Your Mind Patrick Singleton, a distinguished practitioner in NLP and clinical Hypnotherapy since the mid-90s, developed Inner Mind-SourcingTM (IMS), a revolutionary blend of therapies treating the brain like a computer for rapid subconscious upgrades. With over 14 years of teaching experience in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Patrick’s IMS quickly became the most successful subconscious transformation therapy, offering profound results worldwide. As a sought-after expert, he mentors Tina-Nomad and collaborates with her in teaching Biohack Your Mind classes, hosting social media groups, and producing audio programs for subconscious enhancement. Patrick’s journey, mentored by Connirae Andreas, has led to certifications as an NLP Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist, shaping the future of subconscious exploration and empowerment through Inner Mind-SourcingTM.

Ready to Transform Your Life? Take the first step towards your optimal mindset today!

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